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Dubai Diamond Shopping

Dubai is well known for its fantastic shopping possibilities. What could be more tempting for the fans of jewellery than exploring the Dubai diamond shopping possibilities? Dubai is the biggest trader of jewellery and gemstones in the area and it is the self-appointed centre of diamond and gold trading as well. Therefore, Dubai diamond shopping possibilities are various and diverse and you can surely spend lots of time with visiting the best jewellery and gemstone sellers to get the gem you like the most.

Dubai diamond shopping does not only offer the chance for tourists and locals to get some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world, its also heavily promoted in Dubai, which has all the desire to become one of the top traders in terms of jewellery and gemstones. Dubai a few years ago has created its own cut, called Dubai Cut that brings many to Dubai as this specific cut diamonds are not sold outside of the emirate. Dubai Cut represents you with a very special look, giving the stone 99 facets as representations of the 99 names of Allah. The Dhamani Jewellery, being the one and only appointed jewellery to sell Dubai Cut diamond jewellery, exclusively sells Dubai Cut diamonds. Dhamani besides offering this specific cut also offers diamonds in other looks, in the best quality. Besides Dhamani, Dubai gives home to some of the world’s best jewellers, also in terms of domestic and in terms of international jewellery. The Dubai diamond shopping possibilities are represented in large every year during the International Jewellery Week in Dubai a great event, which is held every November.

The best Dubai diamond shopping possibilities you will surely find in three main places: one is the Gold Souk, where in the 300 shops you will get to find diamonds of all sorts and all quality. Some of the best stores to buy diamonds here include the stores of Pure Gold Jewellers, where you can get any high quality gold and diamond jewellery. The second is the Dubai Mall, which is packed with the best local and international jewellery stores of the world. Here there are some definite must-see shops like the shop of De Beers, Damas, Al Futtaim and dozens of others, which you can find either within the mall or within the mall’s Gold Souk. The third best choice for Dubai diamond shopping to go for is the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, a very special complex that was built for jewellers to set up their workshops in the area of the park also offering them a store in the Visitors’ Centre of the Park. The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park has quickly become the favourite place for tourists and expats offering some of the best Dubai diamond shopping possibilities with its over 40 different jewellery stores.

Dubai diamond shopping is the best to go for during one of the shopping festivals of Dubai. These are traditionally held during the winter (it is usually before and during the Eid) and in the summer, starting about a month before Ramadan and it is called Dubai Summer Surprises. Only when you visit, then you can explore the magnificent Dubai diamond shopping possibilities.