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Dubai Attractions

Dubai is the centre of attractions and in fact the whole town is built on being one huge attraction for the tourists and all the visitors of the city, not to mention all the locals and expats who are hungry for having a great free time here after work is over. There are several Dubai attractions which are well known for others and there are even more which are not that much known, therefore worth visiting. Hereby we enlist you some of the best attractions of Dubai worth visiting:

Dubai shopping: It is without doubt that the main Dubai attractions aim the spending of money. Dubai is full of shops, shopping centres and shopping malls. There is virtually everything to shop here no matter from which country or culture you are from. Dubai is the city of shopping malls and the luxury items. Luxury stores are indeed highly visited in Dubai, because Dubai being tax-free sells every item cheaper and in cases much cheaper than the others do.

The natural Dubai attractions: Dubai has an exceptional setting, located in the Arabian Peninsula having a great shore that serves as the main beach of the city. Dubai used to be part of the huge Dubai desert that you can reach with an hour drive from the city. The desert is in real standing in the gates of Dubai and this time it serves as a great attraction for tourists and locals to visit from time to time. Dubai desert also gives place for many of the weekly camel races, sand boarding and dune bashing programs. Outside of Dubai, you can visit some of the most beautiful Wadi or Oasis, which served as very important stopping points for all the merchants who used to walk through the whole desert with their goods on a camelback in the old days. These journeys often took for months and the only hope that led these businesspersons is to arrive safely through the wadis. Therefore, Wadi has a great importance in the life of Dubai, as a sign of respect you will see several places names as “Wadi” in the city. If you would like to visit the most beautiful diving places near Dubai, you can join some of the scuba-excursions that will take you to these places.

Dubai attractions for children: Dubai has a deeply family loving culture also not forgetting the fact that most people arriving in Dubai on holidays come with their families. Therefore, Dubai is full of family program opportunities, theme parks, and water theme parts, a great Dolphinarium, the Dubai Zoo and other child-oriented opportunities. The most popular water parks of Dubai are Wild Wadi and Aquaventure. Children’s City is great for programs with which children can study and have fun in the same time. All the shopping malls in Dubai have some great theme parks and playing rooms for children with nanny services.

Dubai cultural attractions: Many people do not know that Dubai in fact has its Medina standing with its traditional souks, old streets and with the beautiful Dubai Creek.

These are only some of the most popular attractions of Dubai. If you would like to get to know even more, you should really visit Dubai. There are so many programs, which are considered must-visit or must-try programs. Dubai attractions mirror the desire of Arabic people to keep up with the all the development of technology without losing their cultural treasures.