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Dubai Fashion Brands

When we look at the society of Dubai, we can see that we can differentiate three main groups in the city: the Muslims, the Hindus and all the others who are largely expats. According to this detail, we can see how diverse the cultural life of Dubai is. This city is really international but one which is proud of it’s Muslim heritage and apart from doing its best to give tourists and expats all which make them like to stay or live in Dubai, it puts importance on the main religion of the country, together with its way of lifestyle and this also includes the people’s way of dressing. Dubai Fashion brands therefore can also be categorised according to Dubai’s diverse cultural and ethnic groups. Yet a fashion store is good when Dubai fashion brands can offer something for someone regardless of their culture or religion.

That’s why those Muslim women who are wealthy, they order their Muslim clothes like the jillaba or sometimes even Burqa (hmar) from their tailors, they will freely shop scarves, shoes, handbags, even sunglasses, jewellery and other accessories from all the Dubai fashion brands under which we mean the best international fashion brands with Dubai branches. These Dubai fashion brands include some of the most expensive stores worldwide such as Gucci, Vuitton (both famous for their handbags and high style accessories), Chanel, Armani, Burberry or even Dior. All those fashion brands have plenty of clothes which can also be wearable by Muslim women.

Other type of Dubai fashion brands includes those brands which target the local mainly Muslim women. Most shopping centres in Dubai therefore have two segments: one for the Westerners with the Western brands and others for Muslim women. In the Mall of the Emirates the stores for Muslim women include the stores of Al Bait Al Bahraini, which offer mainly great quality textiles for special occasions also with tailor services. The stores of Al Mutahajiba offer the more traditional gowns or jillabas and Abayas, hijabs for women for everyday wear mainly in the traditional colours of everyday, which in the case of Muslim women are mainly black or brown. First Choice House offers great quality garments and traditional Muslim gowns and day-wear. The stores of Habayeb and Hanayen Trading and the Kashka also offer jillabas and abayas and shelas for women. These are some of the best Dubai fashion brands for Muslim women which are frequently visited by the Muslim high class female customers. Each of these stores have their own tailor services which is a must in the Arabic culture when it comes to Muslim garments. Other Dubai fashion brands also include several Indian brands and garments where materials that are used are often not differ. As for men in Dubai, the larger part of the community dresses the European way due to business reasons. Those men who are Muslim they usually have their garments tailored or they buy them in garment stores within the souks and smaller tailor shops. For the Muslim lifestyle the presence of tailors is a lot more natural than in Europe or the United States, as Muslim clothing needs lots of details to clap and be alright therefore all Muslim clothes are manufactured for individuals.

There are hundreds of different Dubai fashion brands which are worth looking at and all the big shopping malls are full of the stores of international brands and even leading brands in the fashion world. Dubai Fashion Brands are really worth buying during the two main shopping festivals of Dubai where the best discounts apply and don’t forget to take a look at the extremely rich and beautiful variety of the best textiles in the Textile Souk of Dubai.