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Dubai Golf

It is becoming a well-known fact that Dubai is a real golf paradise. The Dubai golf possibilities are in fact close to endless and there are huge residential properties that are solely dedicated to Dubai golf. Dubai is a golf estate and the love of golf makes it to be the Middle Eastern centre of competitions and international golf tournaments too.

Let us represent you with the green side of Dubai and all the Dubai golf possibilities that you can find here. About the history of golf in Dubai, the first British and American expats originally brought in the golf to Dubai and the Sheikh of Dubai came to see big opportunities in golf and the chance to make Dubai well known as a golf paradise seemed attractive enough to take steps. Dubai has soon started to become well known about its gold possibilities and the first professional golf course, the Emirates Golf Course was soon built in order to host international championships. The number of Dubai golf fans grows along the number of American, British-Irish and Australian expats. The golf course wearing the name of the Australian multiple golf champion Earni Els was finished a couple of years ago and Dubai has started its largest project: the building of the Jumeirah Golf Estates: Such a Dubai golf paradise and residence centre, the world has never seen before. Jumeirah Golf Estates has 5 segments, each one representing one Earth Element and each one designed with the active participation of a worldwide known golf champion. Jumeirah Golf Estates is soon to be ready and its residences are already inhabited. Another golf–complex, the Arabian Golf Ranch is also well know and well visited by the expats.

Dubai golf hotels are also well known, the biggest being the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa, an entire resort built for the fans of golf and nature by the beach of Jebel Ali. Other golf hotels can be found near the Emirates Golf Course and in Deira. The other notable Dubai golf course is the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, which is arguably one of the most beautiful settlements for the lovers of golf and yachting, one exclusive place.

Dubai has been planning other grandiose projects in the next few years: the huge golf course wearing the name and desing of Tiger Woods has been postponed but is expected to be built in the next few years. Next to horse and camel racing, the golf can be viewed as the national sport of Dubai. Out of the American and English type of golf courses, we can get to find here both versions, but it is mainly the American style, which is dominant here. Other than the traditional looking golf clubs, there are several extra modern Dubai style golf courses as well, with 3D simulator rooms for one to practice the hits.

Dubai golf season is mainly the wintertime but due to the heavily hot climate in the summer, most of the popular golf courses have a perfect lighting system enabling players to play in the evening, after the heat is gone. If you are a fan of golf, you should not miss all what Dubai golf courses have to offer.