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Dubai Hospitals

Dubai has put tremendous efforts in developing a great healthcare system in its emirate. There have been huge constructions and plans, in the end of which Dubai has created its unique complex the Dubai Healthcare City that is the first complex of such in the world. The Healthcare City houses about 40 Dubai hospitals and international educational institutes from all around the world out of the Healthcare City, there are plenty of different Dubai hospitals all around town most of which are private hospitals.

Dubai has a greatly developed healthcare system that puts emphasis on the private healthcare, which as we know means such healthcare, which is given in return of a monthly fee. Several Dubai hospitals and clinics cooperate with local or international insurance companies in order to give healthcare services for residents. The number of governmental Dubai hospitals is seemingly small. These hospitals give healthcare services mainly for those that cannot afford to pay much for the healthcare services of a private Dubai hospital or healthcare clinic. There are also several specialised Dubai hospitals. It means that they are specialised when it comes to nationality and secondly they are specialised depending on their main tasks. Dubai is clean on wanting to be the Middle Eastern centre for aesthetic or cosmetic surgery. The clinics of such are developing and there are several Western and Indian experts who come to Dubai to practice cosmetic surgery at exclusive clinics. As for the Dubai hospitals being diverse depending on nationality, one of the most popular hospitals is the American Hospital of Dubai. However, the British, the French, the Iranian, the German and mainly the Indian and Pakistani minority groups have their own hospitals with several native doctors and hospital staff, which means, that people do not need to struggle that much with language barriers for example.

The main tasks of governmental Dubai hospitals are in connection with getting the Dubai Health Card, which is obligatory to do, if you would like to gain a resident status in Dubai. The Health Card comes with a health check, which is obligatory for all residents and expats. The Dubai governmental hospitals are the only places you can obtain these health cards and one health card is normally issued within 4-5 days with the examinations. Also the Dubai hospitals are those which do the renewal and who take care of the vaccinations if there is a need. Luckily, there are no diseases in Dubai, but due to the closeness of Africa, Dubai is very aware and attend because of the diseases coming mainly from there, so therefore makes the health check in order to make sure one does not have any disease that he or she could bring into the country.

Dubai hospitals are governed by the Dubai Health Authority where all hospitals must obtain their licence and do all the necessary paperwork to get their status. Dubai hospitals are really well kept, overly hygienic so you can choose basically any of them close to the area where you live or where you work in Dubai.