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If you plan to live and work in Dubai for a considerably longer time, then you will need to get familiar with the Dubai immigration laws. First, there is no need for you to become a Dubai citizen. Thanks to the residence visa, the holders of this visa can freely work and live in the area of Dubai. Let us see some visa information on Dubai.

UAE and Dubai immigration laws are relatively hard and the hardest part of these laws is, that the Dubai immigration laws can be changed anytime and in real at any moment without hesitation. Before entering Dubai, do your best to contact your local or closest UAE Embassy in order to make sure you know all the information necessary for you before your travel. According the present Dubai immigration law, Dubai is a country where in most cases you will need a visa to enter. The only exceptions are those who are the nationals of other Gulf Countries. All the other citizens need entrance visa, which are as follows: First of all, there is the transit visa, if you stop by Dubai just to change flights to your final destination. The second is the visitor’s visa that is the tourist visa. According the immigration laws, this visa is obtained by those who would like to spend a shorter time in Dubai for the cause of holidays and doing any activity that does not involve any money earning activities. If you have any stamp or other evidence of visiting Israel in the near past in your passport or you are by any chance an Israeli citizen, you will unfortunately not gain entrance in the United Arab Emirates.

Many people who arrive in Dubai and still unsure whether they want to stay here or whether they can find work here arrive in Dubai with a tourist visa, so that they can attend work interviews and see the possibilities themselves. The third visa type is the residence visa that can only be obtained if you already have a sure job contract or if one of your family members is living and working in Dubai for a while already and takes responsibility for you, which needs lots of money. In the case of getting a job contract, it will be your employer who takes responsibility for you and who will deal with your visa application with the sole exception of the health card which needs you to go to a hospital and take some medical tests for the officials to see that you are healthy and have the ability to work in Dubai. You can only have a bank account or car if you hold a residence visa.

Immigration laws do not limit you in your actions if you hold a residence visa with a health card and a working permit. Each one of these must be renewed after a period, which is a period ranging from 1 to 3 years. The renewal is essential for you to know. Remember, according to the latest change to immigration laws, even those going to excursion to another Gulf country will need a new entrance visa in the lack of residence visa, in Dubai. Try always to stay up-to-date regarding all the immigration laws.