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Dubai Nightlife

Dubai is a great place in the evening, because as every country that has hot climate, also Dubai serves with plenty of programs for all those, who come out on the streets after sunset. The evening and nightlife of Arabic countries is well known and it has its traditions too because people can set themselves free for a couple of hours after the time of the last praying has passed. Also all the daily fest ends with the last prayer so Dubai locals are very keen on going out in the evening and have some friendly meetings at cafés or watch a football match together in one of the street cafés.

Dubai nightlife for expats also gives several chances for everyone to have a good time. The reason for this is that Dubai is packed with quality discos and with some great bars and restaurants, not to mention the crowd in its thousands of street cafés. Although for expats to go out, Dubai has set a couple of rules that are worth knowing before a stormy night out:

• In Dubai, it is the law that every disco and bar must close at 3 o’clock. The reason for this is the first prayer which is around 4 o clock and Dubai certainly doesn’t want the disco crowd and the Muslims going to the mosque to pray to meet. Might be a bad surprise for many, but enjoy your time until 3 and have some good sleep after enjoying Dubai nightlife, to enjoy it the night after too.

• In Dubai, people cannot consume alcohol out on the street, except in the discos, restaurants and bars that are within the hotels. That is why most of these places serving alcoholic substances are located in hotels.

• In Dubai, there is a certain dressing code, you will need to dress elegantly if you want to gain entrance in a disco or bar. There are many people turned back by the entrance because they wear beach sandals or beach clothes. In Dubai, it is important to be elegant and not to wear too revealing dresses.

• If you are a man alone, you may face some difficulty when entering a disco or club. We do not know the reason for this.

• Last but not least: no one wearing traditional Muslim wear is allowed entering to any discos or bars.

• Beware of Indian clubs because these are no dancing places and these are only for men.

Besides these rules, you will be able to find all sorts of music and all the different types of national discos and restaurants. You should not be surprised that in Dubai, an extreme number of restaurants, bars, discos are located within hotels; you will gain entrance if you are properly dressed. This is because of the actual alcohol serving rules.

Dubai nightlife is very busy though and you can have a lot of fun on the streets packed with hundreds of different styles of restaurants and cafés. Dubai nightlife on the streets usually ends around midnight when most locals go to sleep to prepare themselves for the day to come.