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Dubai is a city that is virtually built on business. First of all, the huge city lives out of the tons of businesses that go around here and all the international events which are to promote business possibilities in Dubai and on the other hand it’s built on tourists and all the shopping possibilities in the world, in order to attract all the larger number of tourists. Dubai all in all is one huge retail store in itself where you just can’t avoid shops and the joy of shopping. In this article, we represent you with some of the top shopping possibilities in the City of Gold.

Dubai is the city of the shoppers and the fact that the prices here are tax free is something which is to make shopping all the more enjoyable in Dubai. The shopping possibilities in the city are near to being limitless and even though you arrive in the city to make a shopping tour you will need to spend a couple of weeks with walking through all the shopping malls of the city. So, where should we go to get the best deals?

Dubai shopping malls: Of course, when you are looking for Dubai shopping possibilities you need to count with the shopping malls. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it in one of the large shopping malls of Dubai. The Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, the Deira City Centre, the BurJuman Shopping Mall, the Deira City Centre and about two dozen shopping mall more all offer you some great goods. From the highest style luxury brands that you can buy in these till the cheapest utility goods which you can find in the huge Dragonmart, the largest Chinese shopping mall in the Middle East, you will face the biggest variety in the world.

Dubai souks: Dubai is not famous for its traditional Arabic souks but this does not mean that there are not souks in Dubai. The souk district is in the old town part of the city, right by the Dubai Creek in the district called Deira. From fish to textile, there is everything here in a real authentic souk atmosphere. The most popular souks are the Gold Souk and the Textile Souk both offering you with a breathtaking variety of beautiful good. If you are to buy any sort of jewellery and look for Dubai shopping possibilities, do not look any further: the Dubai Souk is the best choice for you.

Finally yet importantly, you will need to visit some real must-see Dubai shopping possibilities that are attractions in themselves. The first of these is the Wafi City, which resembles to an ancient Egyptian village, which is paired up with a huge glass pyramid and many-many stores. Wafi City is a great attraction mixed with shopping centre. The other one of these is the Ibn Battuta Mall, which was built in such way, that each of its segments represent a different world culture. It makes you feel as if you were starring in the “Around the world in 80 days” movies. The last shopping attraction is the Souk Madinat, which looks like an Oasis packed with luxury hotels, shops, restaurants, beautiful blue channels, green gardens and all behind the wall of this Kasbah.

Dubai shopping possibilities are great and if you are in Dubai, you just cannot miss them. Even though you do not like shopping, the shopping attractions are must –visit in this magical city. If you want to find the very best Dubai shopping possibilities, then arrive in Dubai during one of the shopping festivals which are held during the winter and during the summer.