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Dubai Souks

Before talking about Dubai souks, let us introduce you with the meaning of souk. Souk means marketplace in Arabic and traditionally there are several Arabic and Islamic cities which in fact have become world famous for their traditional souks. Although Dubai souks have never been this famous, they are there and once you visit them, you will surely return.

Before introducing you to the world of Dubai souks, please note, that souk in Arabic does not necessarily mean the traditional souk. Souk is every place where you can shop and which lies at an open market square or on the street. In addition, hypermarkets are sometimes called souk in Arabic. We of course acknowledge the traditional Arabic souks which are covered and which encompass a great labyrinth of narrow streets full of shops as we can see in most Arabic and Islamic cities.

We can put Dubai souk in two categories: the modern and the old type of Dubai Souks. It is less known to many, but Dubai indeed has a traditional souk quarter, although not as famous as in other cities but it is definitely there. This souk quarter includes several diverse souks, which are located close enough to each other for being names as a souk quarter. These Dubai souks can be found in the peninsula-like part of Deira, located by the mouth of Dubai Creek on one side and the water of the Persian Gulf on the other side. Deira souks are traditionally covered and they look authentic. Their parts include the Textile Souk, the Perfume Souk, the Spice Souk, the Gold Souk and the Fish Souk among others. These souks located some metres from each other with the Fish Souk located the further, right by the sea. The most known of these Dubai souks are the Gold Souk, the Textile Souk and the Spice Souk. There is a souk for the vegetables, fruits and butcheries too of course. The Dubai souks can be reached quite easily by bus and by metro as well.

Other souks include those souks that are very modern, yet try to look somehow authentic. Good examples for this outlook are the Souk of Wafi City, the Souk Madinat and the Souk Al Bahar, out of which it is the Souk Al Bahar that is the youngest and it is only half-functioning ever since it has opened its doors. Souk Madinat is part of the huge Madinat Jumeirah complex, which is like a fortress with walls where you can find an oasis on the inside with luxury hotels, gardens, canals, restaurants and a semi-authentic souk. No wonder, it is a very busy marketplace being always busy with mainly tourists, who rather not travel further than this marketplace.

Dubai souks are highly attractive. In several shopping malls, you will find these modern but authentic looking parts looking a bit similar to the authentic covered souks. Good examples can be seen in the Ibn Battuta Mall and in the Dubai Mall, where you can find the biggest covered Gold Souk as part of the Dubai Mall. Yet, if you would like to visit the old Dubai souks, you should definitely go do Deira, in the opposite lying Bur Dubai quarter there is another smaller souk worth visiting.