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Dubai Supermarkets

The two main supermarket chains that operate all over Dubai with the highest number of shops are without doubt Lulu Hypermarket, Union –Co-op, Choithrams, Spinneys Hypermarkets. These are the two, which are currently giving the largest supply of Dubai supermarkets, together with the French Carrefour that is also very popular in the area.

Dubai is a huge and an ever-growing city. This means that a continuous supply of food should be provided for every living area. Dubai has many districts and most of them are densely populated. Therefore, the first local Dubai supermarkets are operating in town long ago. Today, there is a supermarket or a hypermarket in every corner of streets. The Dubai supermarkets are open either until late in the evening but some of them are also operating throughout the whole night. Those stores that close for the night are also open till 23.00H. This helps people do to their shopping even at night. Some of the Dubai supermarkets have also smaller types of Express shops such as Lulu Express, which are smaller and contain basic things for shopping. These are mostly those, which are open all night. Let us say a few words about these two main Dubai brands.

Spinneys: The Spinneys have stores all around the United Arab Emirates. They offer all sorts of food, from fruits to meat and grocery, one popular place for shopping for Westerners. Spinneys Supermarkets are no cheap places but it has something to offer which can be considered outstanding in a Muslim country, which is pork-meat. It’s an entirely new thing and probably Dubai is the only Muslim city and emirate which offers even port meat for foreigners to make them feel at home even this way. Originally, a Muslim can not even smell pork meat, not touch it and even seeing it is something considered not good, so a large number of those Spinney’s which offer pork-meat and alcoholic drinks for foreigners are not Muslims. Most Spinneys are open from 8 am to 10 pm but there are some stores which are open non-stop or till 2 am in the downtown of Dubai. There are currently around 21 stores of Spinney’s all around Dubai. Spinney’s has its own magazine the “Living in the Gulf” which are full of coupons, promotions and with some interesting articles about the UAE and about Spinneys as well. The best day to shop at Spinney’s is Monday when they apply the highest numbers of discounts. Spinney’s has an agreement and cooperation with the British Waitrose brand which ever since also opened its first stores in Dubai for the happiness of the British expats that live in Dubai in large numbers.

Lulu’s is very popular hypermarket chain out of Dubai supermarkets that can be found all over the United Arab Emirates. The EMKE Group that also operates Carrefour in the UAE and the Gulf Region operates the hypermarket chain. Apart from Lulu, it is the French Carrefour, which has an important presence in Dubai operating large and small hyper-and supermarkets all around the city. Other well known Dubai supermarkets include the Auchan and the West Zone Supermarkets, among other smaller brands. Overall, we can say that the variety of Dubai supermarkets is pretty large.