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Dubai Vacation

Dubai vacation is a great deal, giving you chance to spend your holiday weeks or months at such a colourful city as Dubai, which has something to offer for everyone. Dubai vacation is the best to have in the early spring months, when the temperature is not too high.

Dubai vacations are extremely popular all around the world. Why can this be? The answer is, that Dubai has what a holiday beach resort can offer with its beautiful beach, with its great choice of high category hotels and with its fantastic variety of programs all around town all year long. Dubai vacation packages are sold in so many travel agencies all around Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. The reason why Dubai is so popular is that although the city bears the signs of a Muslim city, it is completely international, to such levels that tourists can apparently consume alcoholic drinks in hotels and there is a chance for tourists and expats to eat pork meat too, something that Muslims always and fully avoid to do. There are all sorts of cuisines, all sorts of international stores here where you can spend some part of your Dubai vacation and you can be sure, that for the exploration of Dubai Mall you will need definitely more than just a few days. With its Aquarium, Underwater Zoo, SEGA Universe and other entertainment centres, the largest shopping mall in the world has something in store for everyone. America’s and England’s biggest shopping centres have pitched tent only and exclusively in Dubai, in order for all the British and American expats to feel home here as much as its possible. That is how you can find the Harrods, the Saks Fifth Avenue or the Bloomingdales in Dubai. The variety of goods sold in Dubai is just incredible.

And if you would like to enjoy a more silent Dubai vacation, then you should stick to the beautiful Jumeirah Beach which is full of hotels (Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Le Royal Meridien are one of the best for families), one nicer than the other. The huge Jebel Ali Golf Course and Spa is the largest resort of Dubai outside the city and it is perfect for everyone who wants a more silent time in Dubai. It is full of sports and leisure activities, such as horse riding, golf, all sorts of water sports including fishing and Jebel Ali has an excellent Go-Kart place together with a Shooting Club.

If you get tired of the busy city during your Dubai vacation, you must get out a bit and go on excursions to the unforgettable desert, to the wild wadi Oasises, to the most beautiful diving paradises in the Middle East. You can also go on an excursion to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah the biggest cities of the United Arab Emirates with great beaches and atmosphere.

Dubai vacation is the best to do before the summer months, because the summer in Dubai can be survived but for this, you will need to spend most of your day in air-conditioned places and use taxi to go anywhere. Locals mostly only bare the climate this time of the year. The best months for a Dubai vacation are February, March and April. Most of the international events are held between November and February, which include the mildest months in Dubai.