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There are many options for those who would like to rent Dubai villas for their stay in the Emirate. Usually villas designed for a longer stay but of course, this is not obligatory. You can rent a villa up to one day even if you would like to. In this article, we would like to represent you with some of the most attractive Dubai villas for you to consider for your stay in Dubai.

Malakiya Villas include some of the most luxurious villas of Dubai, being located within the Madinat Jumeirah complex, which is a complex that was made to look like a cross between a Caribbean Resort and an Arabic Souk-Kasbah modernised. The whole place is beautiful and the artificial channels that serve both transportation and aesthetic reasons just make the place more wonderful. These Dubai villas within the Madinat Jumeirah were planned to accommodate the more exclusive type of tourists. Malakiya Villas come in 2, 3 and 4 bedroom size with the biggest one looking like a miniature palace. The villas come with a small private swimming pool and designed for the big terrace to be located right next to a beautiful canal where the residents could look out and see the vaporetto-like transportation boats going on the picturesque turquoise water. The villas also have a lush tropical garden. The one and only thing which is missing from them seemingly is a kitchen area which they don’t seem to have but there is a butler service and non stop eating options for the guests which are more likely millionaires, superstars or important businessmen or politicians. There exclusive villas provide the perfect getaway for all the rich and famous and this is why they are always booked. Indeed these Dubai villas are the hardest ever to book for us “ normal” creatures. So, if you ever get to stay in one of them, you will be called extremely lucky. You can get to see the outside of the Malakiya Villas each one of them look like Arabic style summer residences with their trademark rose-beige colour, once you promenade on the waters of Madinat Jumeirah.

Beit Al Bahar Villas are officially part of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. But for the most exclusivity, they lie further from the hotel, directly on the Jumeirah Beach and right next to the Wild Wadi Water Park, which means that all residents of the villas have a complementary non-stop view to the picturesque 7 Star Burj Al Arab Hotel, probably the most famous hotels in the world. Beit Al Bahar villas are exclusive, but not as much as the Malakiya Villas, which are very near to Beit Al Bahar. These Dubai villas are perfect for honeymooners and for those who want to enjoy the exclusivity of a private beach and for a very well assorted clientele who can gain entrance here. Beit Al Bahar Villas are more colonial –like than the Malakiya Villas they bring all the cosiness of a home, with providing of full access to the services of Jumeirah Beach Hotel yet you can also order your dinner if you want a silent night on the beach. You will get newspapers, free connection, afternoon tea or coffee and many cocktails. These Dubai Villas come in one and two bedroom sizes and there are not a lot of them so if you want to stay here, you must book in advance, on the site of Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

These are two of the most exclusive getaway style Dubai villas, with all the luxury we can expect in the City of Gold. Although Malakiya Dubai villas are said to be extremely difficult to book, you can have some more luck with Beit al Bahar villas in the same time.