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Dubai Gold Shopping

If you are in Dubai, you will easily understand why Dubai is called the City of Gold. Most business of the town is about jewellery and Dubai gold is famous all around the world. If you would like to go jewellery shopping, then the downtown and old town of Dubai are the best-preferred places to go. Let us visit the best Dubai gold souk and see where is really worth buying jewelry for you in Dubai:

Dubai has long been known as the Middle Eastern hub of gold jewellery and it’s really not only a myth as you will also see it once you visit the best shopping places on this fantastic city. One of the best-known gold jewellery selling hubs is the Gold Souk of Dubai. The Gold Souk is a fantastic place to be, where you will see so much gold you have never seen before. The Gold Souk is located in Deira old city in the middle of the Gold district. The Gold Souk is one of the most popular attractions for tourists to visit and when you see the most than 300 jewellery shops here, it will leave you amazed. Gold Souk hosts the best jewellery stores of Dubai and there is virtually no brand that would not have a jewellery store over here. Finding Gold Souk is easy as there are many buses go there having Dubai Gold Souk as the final station in the corner of Deira, by the Dubai Creek and really close to the sea. Visiting the Dubai Gold Souk is a great experience even for those not willing to shop anything.

Another notable Dubai Gold Souk is located within the Dubai Mall. This souk has around forty stores and most of them have stores in the Deira Gold Souk too yet the Gold Souk of Dubai Mall is famous for being the largest covered Gold Souk of Dubai. Not to mention that the Dubai Mall is one of the main Dubai gold shopping places even without its gold souk representing a breathtaking variety of local and international jewellery stores, one of which the Tiffany’s is arguably the most popular of them all. Dubai Mall is on the first place also in terms of diamond jewellery, hosting such luxury brand stores as DeBeers, the former Diamond Empire that used to own the whole diamond industry for centuries. The best jewellery brands in the world: Cartier and Chopard or Bvlgari can all be found within the Dubai Mall. Once you are in Dubai and you have interest in diamonds, you should not miss gold jewellery. Also, do not miss to see the world famous Dubai Cut that you can only get to see in the store of Dhamani Jewellery who owns the licence to produce Dubai Cut, the only diamond cut in the world wearing the name of a city and an emirate.

Dubai gold jewellery is really worth seeing and apart from the fact that shopping in Dubai is tax-free, here you will see the finest assortments, the greatest designs of fantastic deluxe jewellery.