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Dubai Health Insurance

Dubai health insurance is a double topic. Dubai health insurance is the health testing procedure for all non-residents which is part of the application process for the resident visa which, in case all results are good results in the handling of a Dubai health insurance in form of a Dubai health card the holder of which can get basic checks and examinations in the governmental hospitals. The other part of the Dubai Health insurance procedure is to find an insurer to make your private insurance. However, for those who are employed by a Dubai company, from this year it will be their Dubai employers who will be responsible for getting a health insurance plan for all their employers.

Therefore, the topic of Dubai health insurance is in connection with two main topics: the Visa application procedure for Dubai resident visas and the mostly private Health Care sector in connection with the new responsibility of the Dubai employers. However, no everyone is happy for the new change in law; employers will not need to worry about the costs and the procedure of getting a Dubai health insurance.

First, let us say a few words about getting the Dubai Health Card as the first step of being part of the private Dubai health insurance system. For residents this screening is obligatory and a condition of getting the resident visa. From the beginning of 2011, it is the Dubai Health Authority, which is responsible for all these medical tests and the paperwork. The tests do not take long though and you can easily get the Dubai Health Card as part of your entrance ticket to Dubai. Dubai health card holders can get some basic services in the governmental hospitals; out of which there are not many (Rashid Hospital is among the mostly visited ones). The Dubai Health Card must be renewed every 2 years if not stated otherwise.

Dubai healthcare is planned to be private. This is partly because the city and emirate is so multicultural that most people go to those hospitals and clinics which are either taken care of their natives or which have fine quality health care plans. In Dubai, the private Dubai health insurance is a developing industry; the market is already full of competitors. There are some bigger groups, which are ranked Nr.1 by offering Dubai health insurance, such as the Lebanese–German NextCare group that is also a representative of the Allianz Group. NextCare offers its services through its agents and never directly. There are other companies too, lots of them offering great insurance plans. Yet as we have stated before, for all those who arrive in Dubai to work, the Dubai health insurance will not be an issue to take care of, because employers will need to provide these for their workers.

Dubai health insurance is therefore a growing program all around the emirate and the United Arab Emirates as well. If you arrive in Dubai having your own private Insurance, check out whether there are chances for your insurance to be used in Dubai as well. Luckily, the Dubai health insurance for employers is much cheaper than individual insurances.