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Dubai Jewellery Shopping

When it comes to Dubai jewellery shopping, after being lucky to have this experience you will surely join the league that states that there is no such place as Dubai when it comes to jewellery. The great potential in Dubai jewellery shopping is one of the most attractive touristic pulling powers thanks to which hundreds of thousands of people arrive in Dubai every month to buy jewellery here. Dubai jewellery shopping is especially attractive during the shopping festivals when every shop applies some great discounts making Dubai jewellery shopping all the more enjoyable.

Dubai jewellery shopping is fantastic if you are fan of great jewellery designs, good jewellery prices and the finest quality gold jewellery. Here, there is no jewellery you wouldn’t be able to get, no matter you want European, American, Asian style or Oriental style jewellery out of gold, silver or any colour of gold alloys such as the white, pink, rose, red, blue, purple or even black gold the variety here is endless. Let us see some of the best places for Dubai jewellery shopping:

1. Dubai Gold and Diamond Park
Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is a great and alone standing complex that was built especially to house jewellery workshops and stores that are located in the Visitor’s Centre. Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is just perfect for Dubai jewellery shopping and it has become the favourite jewellery-shopping place for many who like quality over quantity. You can see the extra rare purple gold jewellery in here, other fine quality gold, platinum and silver jewellery is on display and fine diamonds and gemstones can be purchased here, of course all tax-free. Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is easy to find, located right by the main road of Dubai, the Sheikh Zayed Road.

2. Dubai Gold Souk
Anyone who had been to Dubai must have heard of the Dubai Gold Souk and of its greatness in terms of quality and variety. The sight of Dubai Gold Souk is fantastic: 300 stores all full of gold jewellery it’s just extremely beautiful, shining and even for those not interested in Dubai jewellery shopping, it’s a must-see experience. Dubai Gold Souk is located in Deira just on its peninsula, which is surrounded by the Dubai Creek and by the sea of Persian Gulf; Dubai Gold Souk is one part of the whole huge souk district. The Gold Souk is famous for its prices and it’s a place where you can haggle and get better prices. The best jewellery stores of Dubai all have their showrooms within the Gold Souk too.

3. Dubai Mall and Mall’s Gold Souk
Dubai Mall and the Dubai Mall’s covered Gold Souk give you an alone-standing chance to see the world’s finest assortment of jewellery. There is no well-known jewellery brand, which would not have one store over here. Dubai Mall also has the largest covered Gold Souk within its huge building, but this does not mean that you will only get Dubai jewellery shopping possibilities over there. There are dozens of jewellery stores within the Mall not belonging to the mall’s Gold Souk.

If you are one who likes and appreciates fine quality jewellery and gemstones, then Dubai is the place for you. Dubai jewellers are offering a fantastic chance for you to buy not only cheaper but also the best quality jewellery in the world. Dubai jewellery shopping is an experience not to miss,