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Living in Dubai

Living in Dubai is quite expensive, mostly because of the price of renting apartment or flat. This is the reason why many people share apartment or a house and live this way, because they cannot afford living alone in a separate flat. Let us see some of the costs and some aspects of living in Dubai in this article.

When you start living in Dubai, you will instantly face the problems with renting a flat. The problem with Dubai apartments is that many of the property owners ask for a yearly rental in advance. There are not many people, especially out of those who arrive to work in Dubai, who can afford to pay this much money which starts around 22,000 DH, which equals around USD 5,500 or EUR 2,800. It is important to add that this is the cost of a one-room simple flat. The bigger flats with multiple rooms cost around 50.000 Dirham per year. Once you have paid the costs, you will need your phone line. Many people do not know the importance of an own address and telephone line in Dubai but these are very important indeed. It is because banks and many employers will only deal with you if you can provide them with a Dubai address of yours and a telephone line too. The good news about the telephone line in Dubai is that within Dubai, your phone calls to landline phones are free. People while living in Dubai, usually do not purchase flats. Property purchase is the privilege of the very rich and of those who want to make an investment in Dubai.

Internet may cost less when you are dealing with it through a mobile phone. Most people choose Etisalat in Dubai as their main cellular line provider. As for food, living in Dubai is not expensive. You can buy food for a very cheap price, especially if you are to prepare them at home. Several souks yet hypermarkets are more common. Thanks to this, you will feel familiar in Dubai. You can also get clothes cheaply if you do not necessarily want to shop them in the big shopping malls. Through the various expat forums, you can learn a lot about the costs of living in Dubai and you can read about others experiences too. With American and UK expats who can move here without trouble and who are no short of money either, they share the unique tradition of getting everything transported for them in Dubai from their homelands. Yet you can get everything in Dubai and if you need cheap places for shopping, you can choose to go to souks and to the Chinese Dragonmart, which is by far the cheapest place in Dubai.

When living in Dubai, you will see that the price of electronic products is somewhat cheaper. The price of netbooks and notebooks start from 1-2000Dirham and in the shopping malls that are specifically offering electronic products you can get even luckier too. It may mean some drawback while living in Dubai but here you will need to pay for medical services, as most clinics are private. If you get a good medical plan out of a good monthly sum, you will get all the best medical services.