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Palm Islands Dubai

When the project of the Palm Islands first came to light in the beginning of the 21st century, it called the attention of everyone rich and famous and the world got devastated by pure the richness of Dubai which really went over the top those times. Almost all the well known stars have made their reservation of villas on the first palm island of Dubai, the Palm Jumeirah. Then came different projects that have called some of the attention from the Palm Islands of Dubai and due to the financial crisis things have almost crushed the finishing of the first Palm Island and Palm Jebel Ali is to be ready in the next 2-3 years with multiple delays.

Arguably, it is the first of the Palm Islands that gained the highest international attention out of the three and even going further, the world did not know for a while that there would be three of the Palm Islands following a pattern by which each one of the Palm Islands would be 1.5 bigger than the other does. The smallest Palm Jumeirah was erected in the heartland of New Dubai, on the Jumeirah Beach. The Palm Islands follow the same outlook, which is the form of a date palm tree surrounded by a rim of islands. The second of the Palm Islands trilogy, the Palm Jebel Ali will also include a poem written by none other than the Sheikh of Dubai Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum which is to look very well visible from the air even further in distance from the huge island. Palm Jebel Ali ‘s base is already ready but there is so much more work waiting for the constructors to do on the islands. The first Palm Island, the Palm Jumeirah has 5 kms length and a 11 km long breakwater rim. Palm Jumeirah Island’s constructions begun in 2001 and the first residents have moved in to the island in 2006. Unfortunately, due to the will of the construction company, the numbers of villas have been doubled which means, that the villas on the island are quite crowded in most cases and one can barely have a very small garden on the island. The constructions of Jebel Ali - the second of Palm Islands, have started in 2002 but were really slowed down due to the financial crisis. The island was due to be ready by 2008, seeing the beginning of 2012 its still far from that stage. Palm Jebel Ali is to host water parks and other entertainment centres such as SeaWorld, Aquatica, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove, which together will be called as World of Discovery.

The last of the Palm Islands, Palm Deira was originally announced to be 8 times as large as the first Palm Island with the land reclamation having started in 2008. Due to the financial crisis, there is not much to be seen from this island yet the size of which was redesigned multiple times to be smaller than originally expected. All Palm Islands are constructed by the Sheikh’s own Nakheel Properties and they are still considered as one of the biggest ever and most unique ever construction in the world.