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Things To Do In Dubai

If you are planning to go to Dubai and spend a couple of holiday weeks there, you may start wondering about all the things to do in Dubai during your holidays. Well, you will surely not get bored in Dubai, the most developed international cosmopolite of the Middle East. Hereby we enlist you some of the things to do in Dubai, in the summer, in the winter, by the beach and within or outside the city.

Things to do in Dubai in the summer: Dubai has hot summers that are for sure. The summer period when the city is the most attractive to visit lasts until the beginning of August, which also means the beginning of the Holy Ramadan season, which is not exactly the best time to be in Dubai. Dubai is attractive for many reasons in the summer. First of all, Dubai people know that fact that their climate is not too bearable for Westerners. However, this gives a great chance for spending days virtually in the shopping malls. This means that Dubai has spent loads of money to gain back even more: its shopping malls are perfectly able to accommodate and entertain large crowds and when you are in the Dubai Mall, you will see how easy it is to spend a day within the acclimatised shopping mall, shopping or visiting the Aquarium or go skating or skiing. Dubai in the summer goes alive in the evening when the heat is partly gone. The town will be full of people, cruises will go on the Dubai Creek and discos, bars and nightclubs await the tourists with their fine assortment of drinks and music.

Things to do in Dubai in the winter: Dubai is the place to be during the wintertime. First of all, winter is really mild in Dubai, it’s rare that the temperature goes undr 15 degrees, which makes it attractive for those who would like to walk the streets and take bigger excursions in the city. This is because the city is open when the climae is mild and that is when the highest number of international fairs and events and international championships are held all around town. Dubai is the place to be for those hungry for cultural activities. Dubai tries to be even more attractive during the winter months for its shopping festival. Many sports fans arrive in Dubai for the international horse races, golf competitions and yachting or sailing championships that are all held this time of the year.

Things to do in Dubai: You will be lost because there are so many things to do in Dubai. You can spend practically weeks on the beautiful Jumeirah Beach, the main beach of Dubai. You should try the monorail that goes to the unique palm shaped island that is so beautiful that it is definitely worth visiting. Sightseeing is also a great chance for you to learn more about the city. Many people do not know much about the culture and history of Dubai: so visit the Old Dubai Madinat along the Dubai Creek. The modern shiny skyscraper jungle, the Dubai Marina is also worth visiting, not to mention the Burj Khalifa , the highest building in the world and the beautiful Burj Dubai, which is the trademark building and as its called the “ one and only seven star hotel in the world”. Do not miss the change to visit the Dubai desert and for lovers of scuba diving several excursions go to visit the most beautiful diving bays of the Emirates.

There are so many things to do in Dubai. The most important is that Dubai does its best to give everyone the chance to find something in his or her flavour. Out of the things to do in Dubai, do not miss the chance to try a Cruise, a desert safari and a great Dubai style dinner with belly-dancers.