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Dubai Underwater Hotel

One of Dubai’s ever craziest plans was definitely the idea of the 10 Star Dubai Underwater Hotel. The Hydropolis includes such designs and architectural ideas that the world has never seen before with such ergonomic materials to be used for construction that would have made the hotel a cross between material and nature, a kind of bionic creature. Due to all its extremities and that right after the idea was born the worldwide financial crisis broke out full force, it seems that this hotel will not be built, at least not in the upcoming 5 years to come.

The first plans of the Hydropolis - Dubai Underwater Hotel were brought up in 2005. It was the time when the craziest projects such as the very first Palm Island, the Palm Jumeirah were realised in the ever-growing city with sound success. The strange looking World Island project, a project that had proved to be a failure when scientists have proved that the islands are slowly but surely descending back into the water also got success. Yet the world’s largest building, the Burj Khalifa was erected that so many people trusted when the plans of the first Dubai Underwater Hotel first were published in 2005 with a scheduled start of building in 2007. Then the project got rescheduled twice and we didn’t hear any sure plans about it ever since. The 550 million US Dollars, the total price of the project seem to be too much even for Dubai at that moment.

Yet, it is worth not forgetting about the Hydropolis, because such plan was never ever made with close-to-realistic realising chances. So the hotel may get actually built, in 5 to 10 years, we cannot know it now.

A German professor who has a bit of a questioned legitimacy as an architect planned the Dubai Underwater Hotel but is surely a dreamer of this project which is the very first of its kind. The Dubai Underwater Hotel would have situated 20 meters under the ground, only about 200 metres from the Jumeirah Beach of Dubai. The hotels material would have been a very special bionic metal that would have also gave him an extra terrestrial outlook. On the surface, the hotel would have looked like an interesting mixture of the Sidney Opera House and a normal resort with swimming pools and such. The hotel would have had a large over ground reception and leisure area as well; it is the rooms, some bars and restaurants that would have stayed under the water. In its quality, the hotel would have hit an entirely unknown category that is rated 10 Start as of now. According to its designer, the Dubai Underwater Hotel would be designed for people to learn more about the life under the water and it would have included a water biology research centre. The Hydropolis would have had three main areas, the Landside section for the checking in a tuner with a train that would take passengers into the hotel and the Dubai Underwater Hotel itself. The hotel was designed to absolutely resist the water pressure with bubble –like forms.

As of now, the Dubai Underwater Hotel seems a very strange and extravagant plan, which is yet to be realised. However, if there will be any place where it gets to be built first, if will be almost surely Dubai. Back in 2007 there were also plans of making an entire Dubai Underwater Hotel group with the building of the same style hotels at other well known resorts too.