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Rivoli Group is today among the biggest retailer of Dubai watches, textiles and all sorts of luxury accessories. They specialise in selling many of the most expensive brands in Dubai. Rivoli Group perfectly signifies the importance of Indian retailers and the many connections between Indian and Dubai retailers. Dubai watches are considered one of the top businesses in Dubai. Here, the top brands are sold way better than the middle quality or even the not-so-popular yet good quality brands.

Rivoli Group was established about twenty years ago, in an already developing Dubai, which was just beginning to feel its great potentials in ways of business and in ways of recreating the city totally, to make it the most inviting business and touristic targets of the world. Rivoli Group today contains an extreme number of stores, running on different names depending on what they are selling. These stores include Rivoli Prestige, Rivoli Arcade, Hour Choice, Eye Zone, Rivoli, Angels, Value Time and Rivoli Textiles. Dubai watches are sold in their Rivoli, Rivoli Prestige and Hour Choice stores.

Rivoli Prestige: This is the highest profile store of Rivoli that you can find in: Atlantis, the Palm Hotel, in Burj Al Arab, Deira City Centre and in the Dubai Festival City. The stores of Rivoli Prestige can also be found in the best malls of Abu Dhabi and they are recently opening their first stores outside of Dubai with the first Rivoli Prestige opening in Doha. Rivoli Prestige stores are luxury stores in all meaning of the word. Dubai watches brands sold here include the watches of Blacpain, Tiffany and Co., Glashütte Original, Zenith, Omega, and Jaeger Le Coultre. Here, apart from the watches you can also find the limited collections of some of the most expensive mobile phones in the world decorated with the finest gemstones, plated in gold.

Rivoli: the Rivoli stores of the Group also sell Dubai watches exclusively. This is the largest brand under brand and you can find the fine quality Rivoli Stores in basically every shopping mall of Dubai that count. The Rivoli stores offer the largest variety of brands in Dubai.

Hour Choice: these stores of Dubai represent a smaller and trendier wave within the ranges of stores of Rivoli Group. They can be found in several smaller shopping malls of Dubai and also where Rivoli has other stores. House Choice has recently opened its first stores in Bahrain.

Rivoli Arcade: This concept represents us with such stores that are not mainly located in the shopping malls, but rather in business centres and residence complexes. Rivoli Arcade stores offer Dubai watches in a very trendy environment for the Dubai public. These offer all the diverse luxury brands of Dubai watches.

Value Time: this concept of Rivoli Group is the newest of all, this targets the younger buyers and those who can’t afford the luxury brands for themselves. They offer a huge range of cheaper, mid-to fine quality brand and non-brand watches in all sorts and outlooks. This range of stores offers the best discounts on Dubai watches.

It is more than worth looking around in one or more of the stores of Rivoli Group which has recently become the largest retailer of Dubai watches and expands its services to the whole Middle East as well. Rivoli’s concepts also enable you to see a greater variety and help you when it is not the luxury brands of Dubai watches, which you are looking for.