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What To Do in Dubai

Dubai is partly a great oriental metropolis on the other hand the city is multicultural where people speak English as much as Arabic and English is in fact an official language of Dubai. The Pearl of Gulf has been renovated multiple times in order to give great activities for everyone, from the beach tourist till those who would like to do something else. This city is partly a beach paradise and it’s a buzzing business centre on the other hand. You will surely start thinking about what to do in Dubai, but be sure, once you arrive to this great multicultural city, the "what to do in Dubai?" will not be a question considered anymore.

Dubai is absolutely a touristic city. It welcomes tourists from all around the world the most gladly. The city is full of shops, architectural wonders, Dubai has the target of being the city that hosts the highest number of world records and in the opinion of many they are soon to reach this goal. From the biggest shopping mall of the world till the highest building of the globe here there are so-so many huge things. Dubai, thanks to the heavy constructions tries its best to be as welcoming as it can be towards tourists. We will see a couple of points in what to do in Dubai, from different point of views:

What to do in Dubai for holiday tourists?
Dubai holidays are getting more and more popular. Although Dubai is a country that has an obligatory visa for everyone with the exception of only Gulf countries once you can get there, you can be sure to have a great time. The Jumeirah Beach takes care of all the sea sensation for those wanting to enjoy the beach life and once you feel like getting cultural or visit one of the great shopping malls of the city you can be there thanks to the Dubai Metro and the thousands of taxis within minutes.

What to do in Dubai for the shoppers?
Dubai is really the city of the shops and it is full of shopping malls. Dubai also houses the biggest shopping mall in the world that has smaller shopping centres in its area. Dubai is by far the best place for shopping, also it is tax-free and it has regular discounts and shopping festivals.

What to do in Dubai for the fans of sports?
Dubai houses dozens of sports activities, regular sport competitions are held in Dubai especially during the winter. Usually you can do all sorts of water sports by the sea and with the exception of jet ski, there are numerous possibilities to learn surfing, wakeboarding, diving or scuba diving. Dubai has some great places for those who are fans of deep sea fishing too. In the Dubai desert you can learn sand boarding and also can try dune bashing. If you are into golf, then Dubai is the best place for you. Not many of us can see camel races in the West, so there is great chance in Dubai to visit some.

What to do in Dubai for families?
Dubai is extremely family friendly and has dozens of different fun parks, theme parks and water parks. Hotels are also family friendly and you will see that there are so many attractions to try for children of every age.

Once you are in Dubai, you will not ask what to do in Dubai but for sure you will get even confused when you see how much there is to do in this great city. When the question "What to do in Dubai" comes up, be sure that you will not feel bored, not even for a minute.