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What To See in Dubai

The question that comes to mind of people is what to see in Dubai? Of course, it is a poetic question as there are only few people who don’t know that Dubai is a man-made attraction in itself. Therefore, it is one of the ideal places for those tourists who would like to spend their free time partly actively, with visiting sites, museums, shopping malls, theme parks and other facilities or passively by having a good sunbath on the beach or by the swimming pool of the resort they are staying at. So, what do see in Dubai? Let us go and explore some of the best attractions what the City of Gold can offer us.

What to see in Dubai for the explorers
In this article, we call those explorers who like to explore cities step by step from North to South and from West to East all in all. Dubai is a real treasure for explorers including sites to see from old to modern. Those who have ever wondered what to see in Dubai other than skyscrapers will be amazed for sure by the much bigger variety of attractions here. Although the New Dubai part of the city is better known because of its magnificent buildings, the Old Dubai has a big traffic too, specifically for its Souk District of Deira, the shore of Dubai Creek by the Delta or the historical Bur Dubai district. But the Dubai Heritage and Fishing Village and the oldest standing building of Dubai, the great Fort by the Dubai Creek housing Dubai’s biggest historical museums the Dubai museum are also sites more than worth visiting. The Maktoum Residence is beautiful and houses a so-called family museum where we can learn more on the lifestyle of the Dubai Sheikhs’ and their family. A real explorer must also explore the nearby lying Wadi’s or Oasises of Dubai and must try the Desert safari, taking you straight to the vast sand-dune-land of Dubai. Explorers must try water seeing and looking down on the city from a helicopter too!

What to see in Dubai for the shopaholics
Dubai is full of shops; in fact, it is the land of shops and retail business. Even if you come to Dubai solely for shopping purposes you can spend weeks here until you can conquer every shopping malls of the city, not to mention all the other shops outside of it. Dubai is a real paradise for the lovers of luxury and jewelry too; its Gold Souk is worldwide known and visited by thousands daily.

What to see in Dubai for families
Dubai has a family oriented culture and of course, Dubai families love to go out together. As the children must have their own fun, there are no places without a playground or a great playing place or club for children of every age. Dubai is extremely popular of having the best children activity centres, fun clubs for every age.

What to see in Dubai for luxury travellers
Dubai is full of VIP and luxury places, hotels and restaurants, for luxury travellers there are dozens of possibilities to visit the best and trendiest places in Dubai, starting from Burj Al Arab until the exclusive Armani Hotel inside the Burj Khalifa, the world’s highest building.

What to see in Dubai? This city is the meeting point of the East and the West, of the Oriental and European styles and there are just so-so many things here to be amazed of. After you have visited Dubai and walked on its streets it you will learn what to see in Dubai in great depths.