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Where To Stay in Dubai

When you are in Dubai, you will see that there are hundreds of choices of accommodation there in all categories that you can imagine. Dubai is the land of extremes when it comes to life quality and living quality. There are people who live in luxury villas and there is even more who live in tents in the outer rim of the city. There is such a big variety when it comes to where to stay in Dubai and you will see that the category of hotels varies also greatly. When it comes to where to stay in Dubai, it greatly depends on the planned programs you are to do and the planned length of stay in the city.

Where to stay in Dubai on holidays?
If you are on holiday and want to spend a great time in Dubai near or by the beach the basic choices are the following: for those with a bigger budget one of the hotels of Jumeirah Beach or Dubai Marina are by far the best for the perfect beach holidays. For those who have smaller budget and aim to stay near the beach but in cheaper hotels the hotels of Al Barsha are offered the most. Al Barsha is a huge district just right behind the Jumeirah beach district. Al Barsha is also famous because it is right next to the best attractions of Jumeirah Beach, namely the Souk Madinat, the Burj Al Arab hotel and Jumeirah Beach Hotels with the Wild Wadi water park, the biggest and best water park of Dubai. Al Barsha is practically full of hotels which are good category accommodations, either normal or apartotels.

Where to stay in Dubai for business travellers?
Tens of thousands of business travellers arrive in Dubai every month and naturally they need quality accommodation, which is either close to the World Trade or Financial Centres of Dubai or is suitable for conferences any other business meetings. The business area of Dubai is starting from the Burj Dubai area and ends at the borders of Deira. The business area this way includes the financial centre, the Financial Centre, the Emirates Towers, the Business Bay area with the complex called Dubai Downtown, a large part of which is still under construction and the Zabeel district.

Where to stay in Dubai the cheapest?
The cheapest accommodation in Dubai can be found in Deira, which is partly an old town district of Dubai, partly a large Indian district of the city and its located by the Dubai Creek offering thousands of shops, restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs for everyone. Deira is famous for its traditional souks and with the water taxi; you can go to many places from here, not to mention the great dhows that add to the attractions of this area. Deira is very close to the Dubai International Airport, which makes it even more attractive for those who do not wish to stay in Dubai for a long time. If you are looking for places where to stay in Dubai the cheapest, be aware that some of Al Rigga hotels are lower in category than it may seem and most of them are packed with nightclubs as well.

Where to stay in Dubai for transit or stopover passengers?
Dubai International Airport was built to be not far from the city centre in order to be more comfortable to reach. The airport is located really close to Deira; so many people choose to stay there if they have a 1-2 night stopover. For shorter stopovers, the best area to stay includes the Garhoud area right next to the airport’s Terminal 3.

As you see there are so many choices, when in comes to where to stay in Dubai. The best thing in the city is, that it is changing and growing continuously giving visitors all the better reason to explore it. Visit some of the local sites to work out even more effectively, where to stay in Dubai,