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Wild Wadi Dubai

Wild Wadi is the most popular water parks of Dubai, a really great complex designed for mixing water with all sorts of fun and playful swimming and bathing activities which make all generations happy. The several parts of the Wild Wadi are designed to be different, so that it brings diverse activities. Wild Wadi Dubai is the project of Jumeirah Hotel Group and it is located in the heart of Jumeirah beach, surrounded by Jumeirah Hotel Group’s own Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel Resort and the Madinat Jumeirah hotel and entertainment complexes.

Wild Wadi Dubai is one of the best theme parks in the world specifically designed for water activities. Due to its interconnecting attractions, you will never get bored here for sure. The name of Wild Wadi Dubai comes from the Arabic word “Wadi” means Oasis, a highly respected word in the Saudi Arabian peninsula most of which is a dry desert where finding a Wadi for the old time merchants and pilgrims Wadi was equal with life. Wild Wadi is like a fun oasis and it has its own tale in order to attract and mystify the water park a little bit for the happiness of the children. Having a story for a park or an establishment is a common tradition in Dubai, so do not be surprised about it when you are in Dubai. The story of Wild Wadi Dubai is the story of Juha and his family. According to the legend Juha is a sailor, a good friend of the famous Sinbad, one main name of the One thousand One Arabian Nights, who due to a water storm suddenly find himself on the very place, which today gives home to Wild Wadi. According to his description, the place is full of wonderful springs, a real Oasis in itself that gives Juha the inspiration to build a place on this very Oasis to show its wonders to make everyone happy whoever visits it.

This is how Wild Wadi Dubai was born according to its legend and do not be surprised that the many of the attractions are names after Juha, such as Juha’s Journey or Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon. You will meet Juha the brave sailor and his family members during your stay in the Wild Wadi Dubai Water Park so if you visit the place with children prepare them and tell them the legend of Wild Wadi, to make them all the happier to meet Juha and his family. The magnificent water park has 24 attractions of its 2-acre area, which includes the second longest slide in the world as part of the more traditional Ring Rides, several Master Blaster rides that include twisters, bashers and all sorts of the likes for the braver. In the meantime, children can have a great time in Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon. There are slow river rides for those who prefer to relax and the new Wild Wadi Spa gives visitors the service of the feet exfoliating with the help of these little unique fishes without teeth of course giving you a tingling feeling and extremely fresh feet in the end of a treatment.

As it is a common tradition in Dubai and most of the Islamic countries, Wild Wadi Dubai does not accept Islamic women in the "normal" everyday hours. Women and their siblings up to the age of 8 have their own Ladies’ Night when it’s only them who can have fun within the Wild Wadi Dubai. The Park has its own expectations towards the acceptable swimwear so go for the more traditional one-piece closed sport-swimming suit for women and a longer type of swimming shorts for men.